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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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river which will go past flood stage. kiet do is checking out some of the worst of the damage in the south bay. but let's start with roberta to find out where the storm is headed. we now have the rain showers moving out of the bay area officially as of 3:00 this morning. but just offshore, lurking is yet another batch of rain to move into the bay area. good morning, everybody. it's our hi-def doppler radar. and it does indicate lots of green on the screen and shades of yellow right there poised in position to bounce right into the peninsula in the next 30 minutes. scattered showers throughout the morning and afternoon. it would be advisable to carry an umbrella today and also a light jacket. temperatures considerably cooler at this hour than yesterday at this time. in the 40s and 50s. remember we had all that subtropical moisture yesterday in now it's a pool of cool air that has surged into the bay area with the passage of that frontal boundary. so a jacket, umbrella, out the door. a few scattered showers throughout the day today even a chance of an isolated
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thunderstorm. but we do have a dry and seasonal weekend on tap. in fact our temperatures are much cooler today than they have been for several weeks. our month of december has been experiencing record mild temperatures for this time of the year. now these are seasonal numbers in the 50s and 60s. the winds will be gentle out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the extended forecast does call for a little bit of light rain today, a chance of that thunderstorm then check out your saturday. a great clean-up day throughout the bay area with lots of sunshine and temperatures what it should be for this time of the year. we'll begin to cloud back up again on sunday. that will lead to rain showers likely on monday. right now computer models are suggesting a full inch of rain in the wettest locations of the bay area. lots of cloud cover interest tuesday through thursday. another storm by friday, frank. in the north bay the russian river is reaching flood stage. sonoma county is telling everyone to lives near there to
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get ready. anne makovec is along the river in guerneville checking the threat of the rising waters there. good morning, anne. >> reporter: yes. and they were ready for this getting the warning the river was rising. it is officially at flood stage 32 feet. you can see it even creeping up here behind me as we speak. it is expected to continue to rise reaching up to 34 feet by about 10 a.m. the flooding effects are already being seen. >> this particular storm we had dumped a lot of water really fast. >> reporter: that rainwater overwhelmed several nearby creeks and tributaries of the russian river in guerneville. the water rose quickly. a woman named star snapped these pictures. you can see how cars got stuck. these two paramedics had to wade in to give treatment to a neighbor. >> i just think mother nature is so powerful and awesome and, um, no matter how kind of difficult it is, we really do
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need the rain. i just didn't think it was going to happen all at once. >> reporter: even the family pets got into the act. one dog is desperate for a walk. the other one is comfortable enough to go for a swim. >> that was anne makovec reporting. the rain did not spare anyone. in san jose, the roof of a safeway came crashing down in the middle of the store as people shopped. kiet do, the store is a mess. >> reporter: they have cut power to it now, also gas, as well. if you look inside it is completely dark. they have some security teams guarding both entrances. from our vantage point it is a total mess inside. it had been raining for hours yesterday when the roof started making creaking noises and everyone decide got out quick. that decision likely saved their lives. moments later the roof collapsed right over the produce section dropping heavy debris flooding the store with several inches of water that
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collapsed left a hole about 7:0by 70 feet big. a crack 75 feet long. as a precaution, firefighters stayed inside and searched the rubble for victims. >> we're very lucky that no one was hurt. obviously, safety of personnel on the scene and the people walking by is our concern. that's why we got the whole parking lot taped off. >> reporter: now, firefighters use their ladder to get a closer look at the roof and check on its stability. later in the day we'll be asking the management here when the store might re-open but it is significant damage that might take some time. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> thank you, kiet. last night in redwood city firefighters evacuated dozens of homes and trailer park off bayshore road. we got this cell phone video of the rescue. water levels were 4 feet getting into some homes in redwood city. on the peninsula 101 in redwood city just opened about 10 minutes ago. all the lanes were closed at
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woodside road. traffic is flowing again now. it took a while. 101 has been a problem spot for us and for drivers since yesterday. those exits from about south san francisco all the way down through menlo park got some of the worst flooding reports. in fact, we are still dealing with flooding especially in south san francisco. there was an overturn accident. fortunately they were able to clear it but a traffic alert remains in effect approaching grand avenue. sierra point parkway, all those areas, the right lane is blocked. a lot of standing water still in the roadway. it's jammed up for a good mile behind it. so if you are heading to sfo, you may want to use that long way around 280 to 380. all lanes open as frank and michelle just mentioned in menlo park both directions now southbound and northbound. they were closed overnight due to flooding. seeing slight delays in the northbound lanes but all lanes are clear. caltrans got the pumps out and they cleared all the water out. flooding is a problem marin
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county westbound 37 between atherton and 101 cars being diverted off the road at the atherton exit. a few spinouts on the roads, as well. take it slow. you can see the wet pavement at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on, as well. so we have a commute once again. i know some kids are back in school today. it is jammed up beyond the 880 overcrossing. that is "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. these are live pictures coming into our newsroom from southern california right now. you can see quite the mess down there. the storm is now dumping rain in los angeles county. southern california's biggest concern? mud slides. this year's wildfires have left many places vulnerable and you're looking at video of mud slides that have already promised evacuations. 18 homes have been red-tagged in ventura county. and the storm will hit san diego by noon. today looks a lot better for travelers trying to fly out of the bay. so far, only 9 arrivals were canceled out of sfo.
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but no departures canceled and no flights are delayed. and everything is going on as scheduled in both san jose mineta and oakland international airport. hundreds of flights were canceled across the bay yesterday because of the heavy rain. pg&e crews are still working to repair scattered power outages around the bay area this morning. total number of outages now under 4,000 for the entire bay area north to south. the most outages right now are up in the north bay. san francisco though hit very hard. power outages yesterday, 85,000 customers lost their power during the storm. that included more than 100 businesses on pier 39. when the lights finally came on, the fog harbor fish house scrambled to open for business. >> it's really challenging. it's hard to bring people into the restaurant if you can't cook or do anything. so just the absolute waiting game. >> bart's montgomery street station closed for hours because of the outage. pg&e says it hired repair crews from as far away as oregon, washington and southern california to help restore that
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power. in santa cruz a student was trapped when a massive tree came crashing down on a playground. firefighters rushed to free the sixth grader. she was pinned under this tree at gateway school. students were lining up for class when it toppled over and crews were able to cut him free and get him to the hospital. he had no broken bones, just some bruises. after that, the school was closed for the rest of the day. >> we didn't know if there would continue to be high winds and if any of the other trees would be at risk for coming down and our number one concern was to ensure that we kept all of our students safe. >> a sixth grade girl was also injured, nothing major. the trees are checked and trimmed each summer. up next we'll have a check of some of the other top stories including the latest on the efforts to prevent another federal government shutdown. >> and our team coverage of the monster storm continues. we'll show you how some people are making the best of a bad situation. >> only in california, right?
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good morning, everybody, from the kpix 5 weather center. do not leave home without the umbrella. the full friday forecast is still straight ahead. >> and if you usually ride ace train to work, unfortunately, you will have a big delay. major delays 45 minutes in fact for ace trains 1 and 3. we'll tell you why after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (vo) nourished.
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december 12, good morning, welcome back to kpix 5 morning news. we are taking a look towards sfo where we have one hour and 12 minutes in delays on arriving flights. no delays at mineta international airport in san jose or oakland. the weekend, its forecast, coming up next. a $1.1 trillion spending bill is headed to the senate.
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the house narrowly passed the measure last night. the vote followed a day of contentious debate on the house floor yesterday. democrats objected to a provision allowing a tenfold hike in what individuals can contribute to political campaigns and another that eases bank regulations. >> stop supporting a bill that would allow the biggest banks in america to rip off the people one more time. >> the bill will fund nearly every cabinet agency through september of next year. google is shelling out $2 million to help san francisco's homeless. the money is going to three organizations, the hamilton family center getting $1 million. the charity that teams with the city public schools to help homeless families. the other two organizations, larking street youth services and hand up, will receive half a million dollars each. showers even thunderstorms likely over novato and marin county today. things got mighty ugly there yesterday. downtown novato nearby
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neighborhoods flooded early in the morning. all the schools closed and they remain closed today. some students we spoke to say the rain actually saved them from taking some tests today. >> matt test and -- math test and spanish test. >> reporter: you got four extra days to study. >> yeah. >> reporter: have you studied? >> no. >> of course he hasn't. four-day weekend is all these students get though. all schools will re-open monday. some people in healdsburg took advantage of the flooding and had fun too. >> a lot of fun. instead of just shopping at safeway they kayaked, even managed a wake board with a car winch. the lot flooded. doesn't look safe but looks fun. the water was deep. word spread around town about the new makeshift lake. >> wow. >> yao i'll say. wow! >> take it away. you've traffic alert.
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flooding is the main concern this morning especially on 101. it looks dry but there are some issues in parts of the bay area. we have a backup right now coming into south san francisco. we just got beat on by the rain yesterday. the same spot approaching grand avenue heading into south san francisco so jammed up all the way to candlestick. they have the right lane closed off. and it sounds like it's going to be a hard closure meaning it's going to be out there for a while. there's a lot of flooding in the road. earlier there was an overturn accident so be extra careful if you are commuting along that area. 280 might be a better option. so far we haven't seen any issues, any spinouts on 280 heading into or out of san francisco. in marin county, flooding still a concern on westbound 237 closed in fact between atherton and 101. it's closed since yesterday. you can get off of the freeway, they are detouring cars right there at the atherton exit. then you can hop on to 101. let's see what else is going on. more flooding in milpitas. this is probably the worst hot
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spot for flooding now. there's a traffic alert actually in effect the right lanes still closed on northbound 880, it's approaching dixon landing. we haven't seen much of a delay on the sensors fortunately and if you are continuing all the way to oakland airport, maybe, this is close to 66 and that exit right there by the coliseum. northbound traffic actually getting by okay at this hour even though the roads are slick and a little earlier we saw several different spinouts mainly on the on- and off-ramps just a kind of good clue to take it extra slow today because the roads are still wet. a lot of wet pavement out there. no high wind advisories in effect for any of our bridges. that's a much different story today than yesterday. bart is also still on time systemwide. ferries are back on track. there were cancellations yesterday especially in the morning. caltrain also no delay if you want to avoid the 101 commute. ace trains 1 and 3 have major delays. they had to do some track inspections in tracy because of the high winds. so ace train 1 is about an hour
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late. and now ace train 3 is being held because ace train 1 was so late. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." let's go over and get another check of our forecast. here's roberta. >> yesterday's storm was so powerful that it actually knocked out our internet service for a while as we took a power surge right here in the city of san francisco. so watch, you will see a little bit of a glitch in our radar return but nevertheless we jumped right back into it and had our "eye on the storm" and now we're noticing more precipitation. it's in full development stages just off the coast of san francisco already penetrating the area of inverness and bolinas trying to hug the mill valley area. we have more rain in our forecast today. so as we take a closer look at these cells they want to move onshore we see these pockets of yellow and even orange. that's moderate to heavy downpours, again in our forecast for this friday. this is the area of low pressure. the core is way up here now. remember yesterday at this time it was really well defined? that's the case this morning.
6:18 am
but right here the frontal boundary is still tapping into that subtropical moisture back to hawaii surging south and it's going to slap los angeles and san diego today with copious amounts of rainfall up to 6" in the wettest spots of the mountains. now locally mostly cloudy skies, scattered showers notice the difference -- much cooler this morning. yesterday at 6:00, it was 68 degrees in livermore because of that subtropical moisture influence. now we have that shot of cooler air that's filtering in with the passage of the frontal boundary that's still generating high seas, high surf advisory still remains in effect today. all right. we are going to tally it up, get the computer models and then we just crunch all the numbers together between now and saturday morning. this is how much more rainfall we can expect: the wettest day in san francisco history since 1995.
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so far, sfo reporting one hour and 11-minute delays on some arriving flights. 60 degrees actually there as a high today. denver full sunshine, flurries in chicago and houston with the sunshine but windy conditions in new york city for air travel. we do have a blizzard warning in effect in western plumas county, however, it's a winter storm warning in effect form the greater lake tahoe area. three feet of snow above 7,000 feet. still looking at about a foot at lake level, where i just took a look at the statistics and it's 31 degrees with blowing snow. we have this front, it is exiting lifting to the north sagging to the south leaving behind unstable air mass. scattered showers a chance of a thunderstorm, highs much cooler than what they have been. and the upper 50s and low 60s, you'll feel the difference. west wind 5 to 10 miles per
6:20 am
hour. here's the extended forecast. we are calling for sunshine on saturday. hey, that deserves a round of applause. [ applause ] >> sunshine. >> thank you very much. and we'll have increasing cloud cover on sunday and that will lead to more rain showers on monday. about an inch of rain on monday. you can track this storm along with me by getting your cbs bay area weather app. all you have to do is search "kpix" in the app store or google play. and download the cbs bay area weather app now available for iphones and android and guess what, it's absolutely free. frank and michelle? [ pause ] stay hot on the ice and the -- and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, can the sharks stay hot on the ice? and the 49ers' hopes for a post- season in the nfc west title took a hit. highlights coming up. ,,
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good morning, everyone. the 49ers were officially eliminated from the nfc west title race last night. if they make the post-season, going to have to be via the wild card. the cardinals still the top dog in the nfc despite losing quarterback palmer. it happened again. drew stanton went down with an injury. after that sack he left the game. we'll know more about the injured knee today. the cardinals turned to the fourth quarterback of the year, ryan lindley, who? but the pass from michael floyd got them into field goal range. canizaro kicks the field goal one of his four in the game. no touchdowns were scored. and arizona wins 12-6. they are in the driver's seat. sharks goalie alex stalock trying to become the first minnesota native to beat the wild. scoreless. 18 saves for stalock. tied at one in the third. jumbo joe little cross of joe pavelski who shoots and scores.
6:25 am
the sharks win 2-1. their fifth straight victory at the tank. so they are heating up. don't forget, the seahawks and the 49ers this sunday and the raiders, can they make it two straight? they will face the kansas city chiefs. we'll have the post-game show after that one. have a safe and dry weekend, everybody. play of the day, how about some hockey? we have kings and senators. ottawa's bobby ryan going up ice. check the stick work. beautiful move by ryan. he jukes the defender there and then says, hello to mr. quick and shoves it right in. beautiful goal. but they lost. kings won 5-3. we are at flood stage here in guerneville along the russian river. we'll take a look at what's expected over the next 24 hours. coming up next.
6:26 am
>> i'm kiet do live in san jose at the scene of a roof collapse at safeway. we'll tell you about the decisions that the folks inside made right before the collapse that saved their lives. ,,,,
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[instrumental music] y be over -- but there's still huge concerns about the lingering effects of the st good morning. it's friday, december 12-th . i'm frank mallicoat. there is a concern about the lingering effects. big storm. good morning, friday is here! we are happy about that. december 12, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. let's get a look at our weather with roberta. >> and the effects from this particular storm are going to
6:30 am
tell you yesterday i was listening to kcbs radio and it was referred to as tire eating potholes. first things first, we are looking at our hi-def doppler. good morning, everyone. we are still have more rain in the forecast. take a look at that batch of energy that continues to develop off the immediate coast of the city of san francisco. those showers will be moving onshore very shortly, already some rain showers around bolinas and inverness. so out the door you need an umbrella. you also need a light jacket. temperatures are much cooler at this hour than just 24 hours ago. san jose notice upper -- livermore 68 degrees. it's 18 degrees cooler at this time due to the colder air filtering into the bay areas with passage of the frontal boundary. you need a jacket and umbrella scattered showers in the forecast today and also a chance of a thunderstorm. the air mass is really unstable at this time.
6:31 am
but this weekend promises to be dry and seasonal. and, in fact, these temperatures are much cooler today. these are seasonal afternoon highs into the 50s and 60s. the winds will be out of the west at 5 to 10 miles per hour. here's your extended forecast. we get rid of today's showers but still up to a half inch of rain expected at some of our locations. it will be dry on saturday. and it's a good clean-up day. we'll increase our cloud cover on sunday. that will lead to a chance of rain sunday night. but more likely we will have rain up to an inch in precipitation on monday, cloud cover on tuesday and through thursday. that is our "eye on the storm." michelle? >> thank you. the record rainfall that hit the north bay means flooding today along the russian river. people who live near the river around rio nieto and guerneville are warned about the rising water. kpix 5's anne makovec is checking the russian river flood threat this morning. >> reporter: we have been
6:32 am
watching the water creep up here in guerneville along the river for hours. it is now officially at flood stage at 32 feet and expected to rise to 34 feet at 10. a. that's the latest forecast model. it will rise to 34 feet at 10 a.m. voluntary evacuations are in effect for some of the low- lying india here along the river in the guerneville area many of which saw flooding effects yesterday as you can see from this video. now, this happens every few years. the river has flooded 39 times in the past 60 years. we saw a flood in 2011 and 2005. but get this. it has risen so quickly, on wednesday the russian river level was at about 6.5 feet. that means it has risen about 3 to 4 times that level in just the past 48 hours. live in guerneville, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a safeway in san jose is closed this morning and it will remain closed for some time. its roof couldn't handle all the rain yesterday and it came
6:33 am
crashing down as people were shopping inside. kiet do is there live with more on the damage. kiet. >> reporter: yeah, you know, it is a mess from where we can see from our vantage point outside here off the cordoned off area. we are learning some new details about what happened inside that store. the customers and employees said they heard some strange creaking popping noises coming from the roof, they ran out of there quick and it's a good thing, too, because it saved their lives. safeway looked more like an open-air market after the roof collapse on the produce section just before 4:00 yesterday. the roof gave in after nonstop rain pounded the east san jose store for hours. the opening is 50 feet wide. it also created a 75-foot-long crack in the roof and turned the floors into a slushy mess. when the call came in, the department ordered an evacuation and everyone inside got out safely but as a precaution the search-and- rescue team looked for victims. no one was trapped. >> we're very lucky that no one was hurt. obviously, safety of personnel on the scene and the people
6:34 am
walking by is our concern that's why we have the whole parking lot taped off. >> reporter: firefighters climbed up to the roof to inspect the damage at a distance in the steady rain. structural engineers were called into the scene to take a closer look but it's too dark. the conditions were too dangerous for crews to do much else. and one person was treated for injuries at the scene but did not go to the hospital. the safeway has extensive damage. looks like it's going to take some time before it reopens again. live in east san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. and the storm is now dumping rain in los angeles county. southern california's biggest concern, mud slides. this year's wildfires have left many places vulnerable. you're looking at video of mud slides that have already prompted evacuations. 18 homes have been red-tagged in ventura county and the storm will hit san diego by noon. time for traffic. we have a traffic alert on 101. >> yeah. so if you are heading to the airport, you may want to stay tuned for this one. probably our worst residual problem after yesterday's really pounding rain.
6:35 am
flooding continues to block the right lane and for this time of the morning and there is lighter traffic on the roads we are seeing a really good sized backup jammed from candlestick and the exit that's close to that grand avenue exit coming into south san francisco. there was major ponding on the roadway yesterday. both of those areas 101 and 280. 280 looks clear by the way. and i know caltrans crews have been hard at work overnight continuing to pump out some of that water in the roadway for a while there was a full freeway closure on westbound 37 coming into novato. they got the left lane open, so now just seeing some minor slowing on 37 between atherton and 101. at the bay bridge, the metering lights are on now. so you are not quite stacked up to the maze. this is how we know some schools are not in session. some schools are back. but some kids are out of class, some people may not be working friday around the holidays. so lighter traffic overall but again the metering lights are on. no high wind advisories or anything like that for the bay bridge. looks relatively good into san
6:36 am
francisco. 880 in oakland, nimitz freeway, no problems near the oakland airport. san mateo bridge is moving at the speed limit. this is how you know there's a lighter traffic for a friday. no delays in livermore. can't say that very often through the altamont pass or livermore. still looks clear on 580. mass transit if you are an ace train rider we had some huge delays for ace train 1. they were doing track inspections in tracy because of high winds. 's train 3 is late. ace train 3 delayed an hour -- ace train number one is 1 hour late. 's train 3 is 10 minutes late. back to you guys. rain turned this portion of industrial drive in petaluma into a lake yesterday. roadside fire hydrants barely popping out of the floodwaters. not even an suv could get through leaving people totally stranded. >> a number of the commercial businesses on the north end of town were isolated due to
6:37 am
flooding of the roadways. so we conducted extensive operations to get some of the people in the industrial area evacuated. >> about 40 people were trapped near the auto mall. the fire department used a boat and a couple of large dump trucks to get some of them to dry ground. the rest decided to stay put until the floodwaters receded. there is a blizzard warning for the sierra now but that hasn't stopped people from trying to make it to the high country. the visibility on the roads has made it very tough for drivers to navigate. snowy conditions are causing cars to spin out and that means a lot of accidents. >> i didn't know it was going to be this freaking -- i don't know what this stuff is, snowy? i'm from arizona never saw this before. first experience. cold as crap out here. we have been here for 20 minutes and it's already snowed over. crazy. >> reporter: so you have never seen snow? >> no. this is first time i have ever seen snow and like touching it, it's cold as crap. >> by the time the storm is done, there could be three feet of fresh snow up in the sierra.
6:38 am
pg&e continues to make progress on getting power restored after the big storm. currently there are just over 3400 customers still waiting to get their electricity back on. pg&e says more than 150,000 bay area customers lost power during the storm. and today looks a lot better for travelers trying to fly out of the bay. so far only nine arrivals were canceled out of sfo but no departures canceled and no flights are delayed at this time. everything is going on as scheduled at both san jose mineta and oakland international airports. hundreds of flights were canceled across the bay yesterday because of the rain. and we're not the only ones who got hammered by the storm. we are going to take a look at some of the other damage along the pacific coast. >> plus, a dramatic hostage situation plays out during a search for four missing boys in southern california. >> how about the market? it opened up about 10 minutes ago. take a quick peek at the early numbers. right now we are out of the
6:39 am
gate in negative territory down over 70 points. we'll have more with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. right after the break.
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good morning, welcome back to kpix 5 morning news. and just when you thought it was safe to leave home without the umbrella, look again! we have rain showers now penetrating the north bay coast side getting ready to move right into the golden gate bridge and into the city of san francisco. colma, you are getting ready to hear raindrops on your rooftops. we'll track your full friday and weekend forecasts straight ahead. when they moved to washaway beach in washington the owners of this house probably didn't expect it to actually wash away! but that's what happened. two days of storms, high tides, strong winds and pounding surf combined to eat away more of the shoreline and the house
6:43 am
just went with it. a few weeks ago the vacation home was a few blocks from the beach. now it's the latest in the area to fall in the ocean. cia's director defending his agency again's blistering senate report on the treatment of terror suspects. >> they were harsh as i said in some instances. i considered them abhorrent. there is no way if some to know whether or not some information that was obtained from an individual who had been subjected at some point during his confinement, um, could have been obtained through other means. >> the director john brennan agrees mistakes were made but he asserted the cia did a lot of things right in a time when there was really no easy answers. report from senate democrats released earlier this week details graphic techniques agents used to get information from suspects in the wake of those 9/11 attacks. team of for a look at what's coming up later -- time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." norah o'donnell joins us from
6:44 am
new york. >> reporter: good morning. ahead, we're on your big story covering the major storm in the bay area that's moving into southern california. plus we are going to check about this new warning this morning about the growing danger of superbugs that could kill millions! and then from home delivery to souped up santa houses, ben tracy finds the creative ways that malls are trying to get us back into stores this holiday season. the news is back in the morning. see you at 7:00. >> i haven't started shopping. >> we're in trouble. >> i'm with you. >> see you at 7:00. have a good weekend, too. moving now to southern california hostage situation played out in the suburbs of san diego yesterday. an amber alert was out for a husband and father accused of killing his wife and then running away with his four sons? >> the family was missing since last friday. officers used a lo/jack to find the father and eventually he was stopped on the freeway by
6:45 am
the s.w.a.t. team. >> he was shot with one beanbag round nonlethal. he was taken into custody. >> the four boys are safe. the mother was found dead in the trunk of the other family car. business now. falling fuel costs helped send wholesale prices down last month. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. gas prices continued to tumble and we are not seeing an end to that soon with oil prices falling. as a result, it's putting pressure keeping a lid on inflation. the labor department producer price index for november declined by two-tenths of a percent. that was led lower by a big drop in wholesale gas prices. down 6.3% as energy costs were down overall. over the past 12 months, the producer price index up just 1.4%, the slowest gain since february. certainly helped out the fed as they consider when it needs to raise interest rates. inflation not yet a big
6:46 am
problem. and the international energy agency is forecasting slower oil demand growth in 2015. a gain of 900,000 barrels per day is 230,000 barrels less than its prior forecast. that's pushing oil prices down some more. about $1.30 lower well under $59 now. we are talking a 5 1/2 year low. so continuing to see gas prices fall through the holidays. stock market rebounding yesterday but it's giving up those gains in the early going. let's go to the big board see how we're doing so far this morning. dow lower by 63 points. nasdaq is dropping 11. and the s&p is down by 7 points. michelle and frank, back to you. >> have a good friday. thank you. >> you, too. the same storm system proved to be deadly in oregon. this tree came down on a car that was moving kill a teenager. the driver was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. another man was killed when a tree fell on his tent. thousands were also without power in oregon for much of the day yesterday, as well.
6:47 am
>> a city of pacifica is asking people to reduce their water use during the storm. the massive amount of rain has caused problems for the waste water treatment plant in the city. officials there are asking people to hold off on using water until the storm has passed. further south pacific can saw some similar swells waves rolling in off the pier. a little tamer than up at point reyes where the swells were up to 20 feet. about 10 feet in pacifica. let's check with elizabeth with a traffic alert. >> pacifica had highway 1 closed yesterday for a while, as well. we are dealing with flooding issues this morning. that's what's causing a traffic alert right now between brisbane and south san francisco. we have a closure of the right lane and it will be hours before they re-open the lane. it's causing a good mile backup right now in the southbound lanes of 101 before you reach grand. it's stacked up to candlestick. so 10- to 15-minute delay there. in the meantime better news on
6:48 am
highway 37. they were able to re-open one lane after a full freeway closure westbound 37 between atherton and 101 overnight. so we are still seeing some slowdowns in novato because again flooding concerns have one lane blocked but you don't have to detour off the road. we'll go all the way down to milpitas where a sig alert is still in effect here as well one lane is blocked now again flooding concerns. these are our three main flooding issues right now. right now if you approach northbound 880 at dixon landing they still have kind of an area coned off because the ponding in the roadways is still too high for cars to get through. still a little dangerous. we are not seeing a backup so you can still use the left lanes and then you will be fine. chains are required right now in the sierra. interstate 80, highway 50, 88, you name it. we have been showing you this live look near truckee where trucks big rigs are getting their tires ready getting their chance on so they can make the trek out to the tahoe area. but you need 'em, too, if you are heading out to the sierra. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. looks great no delay out of
6:49 am
sausalito. we haven't seen too much issues out of marin county. i know that's a relief for drivers after yesterday's pounding on 101. a lot of flooding especially on lucky drive. here's a live look at the richmond/san rafael bridge. no high wind advisories like yesterday. high-profile vehicles are fine. so slight delays approaching the toll plaza. if you want to ride bart and avoid the flooding issues everything is great. no issues at all this morning no delay. and montgomery station and san bruno station are back open. major delays for ace trains 1 and 3. that's the latest from here. with the forecast, here's roberta. do not leave home without the umbrella. good morning, everybody. it is our hi-def doppler radar. it is picking up new returns in the form of some rain showers. anywhere from light to moderate to heavy right there right offshore getting ready to move into the san francisco area. in fact, we're already seeing some rain in inverness, bolinas, mill valley and also as we get ready to zoom in, you can see the intensity associated with these cells that have been developing immediately off the coastline
6:50 am
here. it is moderate to heavy rainfall. and i do the to watch this very carefully. i want to watch when the sweep comes back by again. i thought i saw lightning. we have keep an eye on that. our "eye on the storm," if you are in daly city right now, or in colma, you're already hearing the raindrops on the rooftops. and this is making tracks toward brisbane, as well. you will need the umbrella throughout the day today because take a look at our computer model. it's crunching the numbers. and we're coming up with nearly three-tenths. an inch more of rain in the next 24 hours in the city of san francisco. that on top of 3.4 inches that fell yesterday alone. that's the wettest day in san francisco history since 1995. we are expecting nearly .3" more in san jose. just over a tenth in pleasanton. and looking at san rafael nearly .4" of rain. pacifica nearly .7" of rain because some of these cells contain moderate to heavy rainfall. all right. remember yesterday at this time we had the core of the is there of the area of low pressure -- we had the core of the area of
6:51 am
low pressure offshore. right now we have the frontal boundary sagging to the south. rain is now entering the los angeles area. up to 6" of rain expected in the mountains there. rain by lunchtime into san diego. meanwhile, we have temperatures, boy! it's 18 degrees cooler at this hour than yesterday in livermore! it is 50 degrees there. 49 in san jose. that's because of the cooler shot of air mass that's just drifting into the area with the passage of that front from yesterday so you're going to feel the difference out the door. and because of that front, we have a lot of high seas generated out over the open waters. we still have that high surf advisory in place. meanwhile, scattered showers central valley. scattered showers in mendocino county. showers in monterey bay. blizzard warning in effect for western plumas county. a winter storm warning for the high sierra. three feet of snow expected above 7,000 feet. it's snowing there right now. a lot of blowing snow with the
6:52 am
winds up to 35. there is the frontal boundary trying to lift to the north sag to the south and exit to the east. so for the most part it's out of here. but we have a lot of unstable air mass, a lot of scattered showers, by the time the sun sets at 4:50. meanwhile again with that cooler air mass, numbers coming down. we have seasonal highs now. 50s and 60s. we have been in the mid-60s even 70 for several weeks now. take a look at the extended forecast, because we have a sunshiny dry clean-up day on saturday increasing clouds on sunday, an inch of rain expected monday, plenty of cloud cover on tuesday and wednesday, chance of rain thursday. that's our "eye on the storm." point reyes was slammed with massive waves from the storm. one after another crashing on to shore. a surf report says waves were coming in up to 20 feet high. and it was windy enough to churn waves big enough to surf at lake tahoe. is yourching at lake tahoe. that's exactly what -- surfing at lake tahoe, that's exactly
6:53 am
what some people did. they make sure they had wet suits because the water is frigid. >> about 50 degrees. so what do you do when the rain floods your brewery? you grab a beer and get in a raft and enjoy a beverage of course. we got these pictures from the lagunitas brewery in petaluma. that's approved over there by roberta who is clapping away. the floods canceled tours but didn't stop the beer lovers from having the beer and having a little fun. we would like to see your pictures, too, from the big storm. upload your photos and videos at or you can connect with us on twitter using the hashtag kpixtv. the russian river is flooding and it is still raining up in the north bay right now. we'll take a look at the levels and some of the warnings. ,,,,,,
6:54 am
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kpix five's anne makovec is checking the flood threat ts the russian river is overflowing the banks at guerneville now. anne makovec is checking the flood threat this morning. >> reporter: we have been seeing the river creeping up here behind us in guerneville for the last couple of hours. it is expected to keep doing so until this afternoon. it is right around flood stage right now of 32 feet. it is expected to reach around 34 feet by 10:00 this morning so voluntary evacuations orders are now in effect for some of the low-lying areas near the russian river especially here in guerneville. now, this is something that happens every few years to these folks that locals are taking it all in stride and, in fact, the river has flooded 39 times in the past 60 years. you might remember some of the bigger ones in 2005 and 2011
6:58 am
but get this. just so quickly this time on wednesday, the river was at about 6.5 feet. so that means it rose about 3 to 4 times that level in the past 48 hours. anne makovec, kpix 5. and a last check of "kcbs traffic." here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's almost backed up through the maze right now. it's actually kind of "friday light." so a much better -- i shouldn't say it's a much better commute. we are seeing more cars on the road so there's more of a delay this morning but there's no high winds and no dumping rains. so overall it looks okay. on the span problem-free from the incline to treasure island. livermore valley commute looks great. this is "friday light." no delay at all from the altamont pass through the livermore valley. so yeah, gist a good ride actually all the way to pleasanton. we have had some flooding concerns this morning and there's now a hard closure in effect between brisbane and south san francisco. that means that right lane will be blocked for some time. it is already jammed up on
6:59 am
southbound 101. i would use 280 this morning to get out of san francisco. just when you thought it was done raining, it's not over! it's raining. take a look at that right there. we have rain in san francisco hug had gone the coastline to pacifica where we expect over half inch of rain there today alone. yes, over the next 24 hours anywhere from about .10" throughout the tri-valley to over half inch along the coastside. it's a dry saturday increasing cloud cover on sunday. that will lead to an inch of rain on monday. and then more cloud cover on tuesday through thursday. i have to tell you, looking at another storm a week from today. and then after that one clears out, i believe we'll have a nice drying trend through christmas. >> so you think today is a rainbow day and then enjoy the next two day, right? >> yes. we'll have some rain, some scattered showers, a chance of a thunderstorm, and rainbow weather during the afternoon hours. >> good weekend to head up to the sierra with fresh powder. bring your chains.
7:00 am
thanks for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. bye! captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, december 12th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." flooding, destructive winds, and homes swept into the sea. a deadly storm clobbers the west coast. a pioneering supermodel launches new accusations against bill cosby. beverly johnson shares her story with us. plus, a shake-up at sea world. a ceo steps down. what is next for the embattled theme park. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> the park is 4 feet under. >> look at that car, dude. oh, my god. >> a powerful storm pummels the west coast. >> the storm is now


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